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Private Event

The Lab Bar & Nightclub is now Available for public and private rentals.  Our space has a completely re-finished bar, and full audio/video system. We can accommodate any event you can dream of, from Greek Life Events, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Fashion Shows, Conferences, Company mixers and even birthday celebrations.  During peak times, rental rates my vary at the discretion of management.

Our venue offer the highest capacities to host your event or bar Tab:
The Lab Bar & Nightclub (300)
-Bar Side (110) Nightclub Side (190)

Venue Booking Sheet for Greek Life Events
$ minimum spend depending on day
All Drinks are Well Drinks only
Everyday: Time Varies or 3 Hour Period
AYCD Well Drinks Only

Bar Tabs
$1500-700 Drinks, Includes $200 Gratuity. Additional $100 Service Charge
Social Rental
$3000 includes 3 Hour Tab-$600 Gratuity Service.  Additional $150 Service Charge

Entire Night
$6000 includes 5 Hour Tab-$1200 Gratuity Service.  Additional $500 Service Charge
Private Event Rentals for Corporate, Mixers & Birthdays

Outside food catering is allowed. 10% Deposit required. No Refund.
Private Event for Weekdays
Sunday-Wednesday $5000 & Up 3 Hour Window Open Bar Private Party
Private party fee includes rental and gratuity for up to 300 guests, 3 bartenders and a dedicated floor staff member to make sure everything goes right.
Smaller Events
If you have 15 or more guests, we can host your event on our exclusive venue side from 3 Hour Window Monday-Friday for a $500 bar guarantee plus 20% tip guarantee for the bartender (That means if your guests don’t buy $500 in booze you pay the difference and make sure the total amount in tips = $100). Totally Win Win.

Saturdays & Sundays 3 Hour Window $500 minimum + $100 Booking Fee.  Also, we can do open bar for you on a credit card. You can tell us the amount you are willing to spend, or keep track of total sales to your party and make sure to add 20% Gratuity. $100 Deposit is required.

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